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Great Places to Meditate in Los Angeles

Great Places to Meditate in Los Angeles

Place to Meditate Los Angeles

Great Places to Meditate in Los Angeles by Nick Lilach

Los Angeles has become a hub for all things progressive. We’re the home of veganism, sustainable energy, hipsters, kale, yoga, spirituality and meditation. Most would call us crazy, but to us Angelinos this the norm. With a drastically changing political landscape and stress on the rise, there’s no better time for us to connect with our spiritual side through meditation. Whether it’s in the privacy and comfort of our living rooms or a local meditation studio, Los Angeles provides many options.

Below is a list of great places in Los Angeles to meditate ranging from local studios, state parks, mediation sanctuaries and online courses.

Unplug Meditation

Unplug Los Anges

Unplug is one of Los Angeles’s hottest meditation studios. As a lifelong meditation enthusiast, Suze Yalof Schwartz (a former fashion editor and "makeover guru" who's worked at Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Glamour Magazine ) founded Unplug after noticing a gap in the meditation market. Located on Wilshire Blvd and Centinela Ave, Unplug offers a variety of meditation courses. Varying from your standard 30-minute silent meditation to the more unconventional hour long breathwork, which pairs common breathing practices with popular music such as Coldplay. If you’re looking for a great way to end your day, I highly recommend their Unplug Awakening class led by Peter Opperman. Also, I recommend any classes led John Sahakian and Steve Ross. I promise you’ll leave feeling relaxed and enlightened.


The Den

The Den Meditation Los Angeles

The Den is one of Los Angeles’s swankier studios and is situated perfectly right off La Brea and 4th Street near The Grove. As a relative newcomer to the world of meditation, I really appreciated The Den’s feng shui aesthetic. When you enter their studio you truly feel as if you’re entering a yogi safe haven. If you have 30 minutes to spare during your work day, try out The Den’s Lunchtime Detox course led by Eben Oroz to help relieve the stress.


Lake Shrine

Lake Shrine Meditation Los Angeles

This open-air shrine for all religions is one of Los Angeles’s most peaceful offerings. Located directly off the PCH in the Pacific Palisades; the Lake Shrine has become a staple for meditation enthusiasts. With a rich/unique history dating back to the early 1920’s, the Lake Shrine has transformed from a movie studio to meditation sanctuary. Founded by Paramahansa Yogananda, the Lake Shrine opened its gates to the public on August 20th, 1950. This is an absolute must visit for all yoga/meditation enthusiasts and makes for a beautiful daytime retreat. 



Agape Meditation Los Angeles

Too busy to get to a class or too anxious to enjoy the comfort of your own home? Don’t worry, we got you covered too. Agape is a leading international spiritual center in Los Angeles offering meditation courses and weekly services. If you’re a Sunday morning early bird, tune into Agape’s The Way of Meditation led by Reverend Michael Beckwith. This 30-minute class is offered for free every Sunday at 6:30am and is a great way to start your day.


Japanese Garden (Kenneth Hahn State Park)

Japanese Garden (Kenneth Hahn State Park) Meditation Los Angeles
Feeling adventurous? Want to get both a mental and physical workout? Then look no further than Kenneth Hahn State Park’s Japanese Garden. Located in Baldwin Hills, this unexpected getaway is worth the 2.5-mile hike. Once completing your relatively easy excursion you will reach a meditation paradise complete with koi ponds, Japanese style bridges and a calming creek. Prepare to get lost in the soothing sounds of nature while feeling equally accomplished after an awesome hike. 


Ceremony Meditation

Ceremony Meditation Los Angeles
Located in the heart of Venice on Rose Ave. there couldn’t be a more perfect match; Ceremony is a quintessential mediation studio. Playing off Venice’s beach vibes, Ceremony has a beautiful sand garden located on their deck for private meditation, however all classes are offered indoor. Another selling point of Ceremony is their rather convenient schedule. Whereas The Den and Unplug mostly offer evening classes, Ceremony offers classes practically every hour and can accommodate almost anyone’s schedule. I recommend the Return to Calm class led by Aruna Shields, it’s a perfect way to end the day.  


Against The Stream

Noah Levine, the Founding Teacher of Against The Stream has become a favorite among people in recovery. With studios located in both Hollywood and Santa Monica, Against The Stream offers a variety of classes and workshops. Try out their Wake Up Call class which is held every Friday at 7am, it’s a great way to start the day!

Honorable Mentions:


Shambhala Meditation Center 

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