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LinkedIn With Crystals - The Network for Conscious Professionals

LinkedIn With Crystals - The Network for Conscious Professionals

Meet The Natives Community

There is a place for us conscious professionals, the us being those that still live in this world as householders (as opposed to monks). Us being the few that have woken up from some sort of long dream in the Matrix, and are now aware, but we are still us. We are also professionals, and professionals in the land of meditation, healing, and the other emerging modalities that are actually being validated by science, and validated by the marketplace as something that people desire, are willing to pay for, and actually believe in. Some of us are hippies, some of us are just a little bit hippy and a little bit city, while others are stockbrokers with dreamcatchers above their cubicles.

Whoever you are in this woke economy, there is now a place for you, beyond LinkedIn and Google Plus, a place called Natives - The Global Network of Conscious Professionals.

I was recently invite by Natives Founder Ray Ray Hughes to join. In her own words: 

"I had moved from my home town of Sydney to LA where I had been on my own personal journey to holistic health for about 6 years. I left a very vast, cohesive community of healers, facilitators and practitioners. I had a go to them for everything from body work to plant medicine. I found myself traveling around the world and looking for the same quality of professional but frustrated, because there was no easy way to find or vet them. That's why I created Natives. We are living in an age where the conscious, freelancer economy is exponentially expanding, and there is no platform that is bringing a measuring stick to this new age industry."

"We are now growing rapidly all over the world! We are revolutionizing how conscious professionals & businesses connect, collaborate & commercialize. We are committed to enhancing education and knowledge about alternative medicine, complimentary treatments & the conscious lifestyle."

Below you will find a selection of some of the other conscious men working as professionals in everything from Reiki to Tea Ceremonies.

Ten Conscious Professional Men on Natives


Marco Antonio - Los Angeles

Marco Antonio is a certified Yoga Instructor & Lululemon Ambassador with a background as a former international competitor in break dancing and mixed martial arts. Born & bred as a Los Angeles native, he embodies the aura of the city through his creative vibrations. Appealing to a stronger male presence & beginners, Marco Antonio’s ability to relate allows his students to feel comfortable and build a stronger practice from his light hearted approach. He has a unique style of simplifying advanced yoga poses through his athletic foundation of break dancing & martial arts.

Marco created Salamat Yoga as a gateway to influence new demographics through immersive experiences of gratitude & mindful movements. Through his extensive network, he has hosted events in collaboration with LA’s most influential creatives spaces including Ace Hotel, Urban Outfitters, & Platform. He has also hosted corporate team building workshops for distinguished brands such as Lululemon & Tender Greens.


Evan Daily - Jackson Hole, WY

Evan is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Soul Centered Professional Master Coach. He has extensive training and degrees in Spiritual Psychology and over 25 years experience in working with men.

Evan is passionate about working with folks who are committed to living more loving, conscious, vibrant and meaningful lives with grace, ease, joy and beauty. Working with Evan requires an adventurous spirit - to be comfortable with an uncertain future, to follow your true path through previously unknown territory that at times may be daunting or frightening or breathtaking but in all ways and at all times is filled with awe, wonder and Spirit. The adventure starts with a spark of longing, curiosity and action — to discover, own and embrace unfamiliar and all too often unloved parts of yourself in order to create a new, more highly integrated, whole and holy awakened person. If your willing to be guided by your imagination of whats possible, not your limits, Evan is the trusted ally you want at your back to explore and test what’s possible on the adventure of your life.

Jeremy Brown - Los Angeles

Jeremy is a mentor, tutor, and healer currently living in Los Angeles. A Native New Yorker, he attended SUNY New Paltz where he not only received a BA in Theater Arts, but also founded a church with six other students. Serving as a Student Minister for 4 years, gaining a Minor Degree in Psychology, and working with The Actor’s Institute’s Mastery Class for years laid the foundation of Jeremy’s understanding of how to guide people through and understand their unique healing processes.

For the past 20 years, Jeremy has merged the lessons he learns as a spiritual leader and healer with his continued studies and understanding of Energy Healing, Intuitive Readings, and Life Coaching. Most recently, Jeremy has become a certified Akashic Records Reader and Master Level Reiki Practitioner.

Andres Salcedo - Venice Beach, CA

Born in the magical land of Colombia, Andres has been practicing Yoga for nearly 30 years, besides traveling and studying intensively in India, Andres is an accomplished yoga teacher, retreat facilitator and Kirtan leader worldwide based in Los Angeles, CA. Andres is the founder of Power Soul Yoga a dynamic, soulful and well rounded approach into the science of Yoga. His teaching style promotes equanimity traveling through the principles of Yoga as a therapy, empowering students to trust their own experience with sensitivity and intimacy, merging the ancient and sacred with the contemporary. Power Soul Yoga emphasizes on the most natural tools for the enhancement of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects.

Richard Nyari - China Town, NY 

Richard Nyari was born in Helsinki, Finland. When he was twelve years old his family moved to Budapest, Hungary. The shift of cultures and atmospheres in Richard's youth created a sense of wonder and thirst for education and experiences that continues to this day.

While searching for his place in the world, he completed his Undergraduate Degree in Political Science at McDaniel College in Budapest. After working different jobs, he started exploring his interest in healing. He studied massage therapy in depth, but found that it was just the beginning of his calling to help others. An intuition guided him to the practice of Chinese Medicine. Richard chose to move to New York City in 2007 to study at one of the top schools in the country.

He graduated in 2011 from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, with dual Masters Degrees in Acupuncture and Herbology. Richard is a Licensed Acupuncturist both in New York and New Jersey. He is also certified by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine).

Post-college he practiced at various private facilities and clinics, as well as a spa. His intuitive experience brought him to the Veteran's Hospital where he treated numerous patients. There he developed a special passion for healing and alleviating pain, be it from physical injuries or emotional trauma.

Sunil Kalwani - Los Angeles, CA

I've developed my own modality of Energy healing. More than any of that though, I have a unique ability to speak spiritual truths in a way that most applies and feels relevant to who is listening to it. I make spirituality approachable for people who don't identify with being spiritual. Talks, one-on-one, or lectures tend to be the best way to show this. I also have a keen ability to track the non-physical (emotions, attention, awareness, energy), which allows me to advise and help people navigate difficult situations. I've integrated that skillset with my technical abilities to show people how those same tools can be applied to the business world as well.

I sit at the intersection of a multitude of lifestyles, with expertise in storytelling and the arts, digital experiences and technology, philosophy and research, along with business development and project management. But, despite all the skills I spent endless hours refining, and all the accomplishments I busted my ass off to achieve, something inside was off--I wasn't happy and I didn't know why. And so I asked myself, "where is happiness?", which took my on the road to self-acceptance. Little did I know, as I started to identify less with what I do, I discovered who I am. My spiritual path was the same as all spiritual paths--a journey back home, to Self. Once I realized that initial road lead me back to the beginning, albeit with an entirely new perspective, I sat. And sunk deeper and deeper into knowing myself. I'm still sitting, and after all that sitting with myself, I can tell you, I still know nothing. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

David Sauvage - New York, NY

David Sauvage is a highly sensitive empath. An empath is someone who literally feels someone else’s feelings. For most empaths, these feelings are fleeting and random, but not for David. On command, he empties himself of his own feelings and tunes directly into you. Your feelings express themselves through David’s physical body. Then he articulates what is going on with you and guides you on your path. He literally shares the experience of being you with care and compassion. Then he guides you to self-acceptance and integration. He is a sort of emotional alchemist, a genius of feelings.

After spending time with David, you will feel more like yourself. Calmer, centered, and anchored in the belief that whoever you are and whatever you’re dealing with is necessary and even beautiful. You will have a profound experience of being seen, a newfound understanding of your blindspots, and the permission to feel all of your feelings. 

David has has done readings all over the world at private events and hotel openings, in popups and art galleries, and in the middle of Times Square. Now he is launching a show in virtual reality. He loves speaking about empathy and how to develop a healthy relationship with your emotions.

Justin Brown - Parkdale, VIC

I'm working on a platform that brings people together to learn and connect around ideas. I believe the best ideas to create change come from the margins and grassroots of society, from employees on the production line and from citizens participating in the political process. I'm here to help enable this and create a world where power is decentralized and brought back to the people.

Adam Yasmin - Los Angeles

I've been a student of Gongfu Tea since 2009, a member of Global Tea Hut since 2012, and a User Experience Designer since 2015.

I'm building a bridge and filling the gap between tech and mindfulness through traditional tea ceremony here in Los Angeles.

Edward Ormandy - West Hollywood, CA

Born and raised in the UK, I am a certified Advanced Level Reiki Practitioner based in the West Hollywood area. I pride myself on being extremely positive and have a huge passion for health, fitness and general wellbeing. Growing up with my father, who was a Reiki Master, I witnessed from a very young age so many of the positive impacts Reiki had on the people whom my father worked with. Watching my father master his craft, a craft that allows one to help others, was the most inspiring and driving force for me in becoming a Reiki practitioner myself. 

I can clearly recall receiving my first Reiki treatment. It was an extremely vibrant, relaxing and an overall healing experience. I knew even then that I had found an exceptional gift within myself and wanted to learn more about it. The more I learned and experienced Reiki the more it has become my true vocation and passion in life.

My goal is to help people through the healing power of Reiki by assisting them on their Journey to better health, happiness and wellbeing.

I am currently working with some of the leading medical practices and holistic wellness centers in the Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica area. Additionally, I work with private clients both on location at their residences and/or offices as well as at my home on a referral basis. 

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  • Ronny Rice

    Edward is such a positive and wonderful humanbeing that to experience a reiki session with him would be an all encompassing experience indeed. He is truly a master !

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