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Best Seller! Kasbah 6 Inch Meditation Cushion

Best Seller! Kasbah 6 Inch Meditation Cushion

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The Kasbah 6 Inch Meditation Cushion is like the XL version, but shorter. If you're under 6 feet tall, this might be a good size cushion for you. The perfect mix of comfort, function, and design - this is a cushion you'll want to leave in your living room and will hopefully remind you to stop and meditate in the middle of your busy day. The pillowtop design also helps give the traditional buckwheat bottom more structure and overall support to your and your practice. You don't have to suffer to sit.   

Materials: Filled with our usual buckwheat bottom, and cotton pillow top. Housed in cotton canvas and leather topped. 14 inches wide x 6 inches tall. 

- Now offered within the continental U.S. -