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What is Conrad Coaching?

I’ve lived several lives: that of an artist, a climber, a startup founder & CEO, and a spiritual seeker.

I’ve combined the skills and techniques of all of these things to come up with my approach to coaching.

For instance—I’ve adapted the project management method of Agile Development and applied it to everything from setting life goals, to starting a new company. I used this technique to launch Conrad Men’s in just three months! 

From my years as a climbing bum, I’ve learned how to approach large and sometimes deadly objectives in a fast and light manner that allows me to be successful, often on the first attempt. Back in the day I learned how to speed climb on smaller objectives, then took that data from the smaller test, and went after larger objectives I’d never been on before. I used this approach to climb the 2,000 ft Regular Route on Half Dome in just 14 hours, having never been on the climb before.

From my years studying art, I’ve applied the same creative process to making my ideas a reality. I do this for businesses, I do this for life goals, and I still do it for my art. Think about starting a business that earns millions of dollars a year and employs thousands of people. It all started from an idea for a product or service, and then a company was built out of that vision in the same way a painting or a sculpture is created by an artist with his hands.

I apply all of these things with what some would call the metaphysic, but to me, a lot of it is just common sense. Creating a vision board gives you a clearer picture of what the idea in your head is, and gives you the ability to share that vision with others. If you apply a business plan to the vision, and laying out the time along with the profit and loss, along with cashflow, you will have a successful business!

So why limit a business plan to your business? What about applying it to your life? What are your goals? What is required of you to reach those goals? All of this can be budgeted out in a roadmap for you, a vision board with hard numbers and facts to make it a reality—a plan for the life you envision for yourself.


Why Work With A Life Coach? 

Well, do you want to keep living the life you have now?

Or do you want to reach the next level?

You may be able to do it on your own, but I guarantee you by working with a coach you will accelerate the process. You can go out there and do it by trial and error. You can go out there and maybe get lucky. But is that how you want to live your live—By fate, or by trial and error? Or do you want to take action, be proactive, take the reigns to the horse that is pulling your life forward?

Stop living life by default.

Take action today.

Take the next step into your future by being the person that chooses the path you are going to take.

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