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Conrad Was Inspired By

The Gentleman Explorers

And Spiritual Adventurers

Of The 1900's To The 1960's  

The first is the gentleman adventurers of the 1900’s to the 1950s. Men like George Mallory & Sandy Irvine, Sir Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay, Eric Shipton & HW Tilman, and of course Canadian Mountain Guide Conrad Kain. These were men that pioneered new routes up massive, remote ranges equipped with only primitive and often homemade gear. In these early days there were no helicopter rescues, and even a rescue party would be ineffective. These men were often on their own, on high-risk objectives, with high levels of uncertainty. These were the men that went that not only pioneered new routes, but often went into unchartered places on the globe, places never yet explored by westerners.

The next group we would describe as the spiritual adventurers, the seekers and their teachers. Think of the Beatles in India and the kind of effect that had on the youth of the 1960s. Think about what happened when with Allen Ginsberg holding love-ins. Think about Ram Dass, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and Krishnamurti and their influence on culture, or counter culture for that matter. From the paradigms of what love was, family was, what our purpose and karma and everything else related to our existence among each other was explored not only with the psychedelic free for alls, but also the dropping in through yoga and meditation and the arrivals of teachers like Yogi Bhajan there was an emotional, mental, and psychic shift in the western world.

We stand now at a new frontier: innovation. We are at the golden age of information. All of the information in the world is available, literally at our fingertips, by just pulling our phones out of our pockets and searching the internet. With this we have access to knowledge, access to new forms of capital and capitalism, new ways to innovate. All of this is also available to most. What are we doing with it? Some are using this knowledge and access to change the world, but also to change themselves from the inside out. The world is seeing a surge of the quantifiablilty of everything from exercise and your body to your business or carbon footprint. Many are changing the paradigms they were born into, shattering conventional wisdom and emotionally false truths. They are seeing the world for what it is and finding ways to make it a better place, and to do it by evolving themselves.

At this new age of information and innovation we are the new pioneers of information and technology and systems. We are the explorers identifying the blank spots on the maps of knowledge. We are innovating technology and systems to fill in the blanks. We are making this world better for ourselves, our fellows, and our children.

We are living our own lives and making up our own rules.

We are disrupting paradigms and returning to who we really are, and seeing the potential of who we could all truly be.

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