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Sometimes I think I’m making my life up. I’ve lived so many lives in the last 46 years. Many of those years were spent on the road, climbing rocks and mountains, and living on a few hundred bucks a month and sleeping in my VW van. I’ve had epic adventures in Yosemite, The Bugaboos, Alaska, and The Alps. I’ve lived in over 15 towns and cities. I’ve lived in a soap factory with a real life Tyler Durden. I’ve been on a reality TV show. I’ve been to five Universities. I’ve washed hospital sheets and washed dishes, but also started companies and worked in television production. I’ve lived the jet set life and the life below the poverty line. Along the way I’ve learned that I can get through just about anything, and the things I can’t get through I can find someone to help show me the right path. I meditate, I lift weights, I do yoga, and I still climb on occasion. I’ve failed. I’ve failed so many times and hit so many bottoms that I never thought I could come back from, but I did. I’ve gotten up time and time again and I always will. Sometimes, I don’t fall down, and when that happens, I win. I encourage everyone to not be afraid to fail, but to fail and fail often. Learn how to fall WITH GRACE, not from it. The more gracefully you fall the easier it is to get up—look at any top skateboarder. Know that you will fall, accept it fully as a reality of trying. But always remember you can only really fail when you stop getting up.   

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